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medicept xtracem

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Rs. 1,415.00
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Size: Medicept Dental Xtracem Glass Ionomer Restorative Cement A2
  • Excellent early translucency – Superior aesthetics
  • Exceptional strength – Long lasting restorations
  • Packable consistency – For ease of handling
  • High level of sustained fluoride release – Prevention of secondary caries
  • High wear and erosion resistance – Durable restorations
  • 8 VITA® shades – Excellent tooth matching
  • Easy mixing – To reduce surgery time

Medicept Dental’s range of aesthetic glass ionomer restoratives are renowned for their high quality and excellent physical properties – The latest humid stable version is no exception. This latest material uses proven technology combined with the latest processing techniques and the highest quality raw materials to produce a material more suited to use in hot and humid climates. 

  • Class V cavities (particularly erosion lesions)
  • Class III cavities



Powder 15gm / Liquid 10ml SHADE A2. A3