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medicept tray adhesive

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Medicept Tray Adhesive is a paint on tray adhesive for use with all alginates.It helps to keep the alginate stay put in the tray during removal from the mouth.It ensures superior adhesion.Can be applied more easily because of its watery, thin-flowing consistency.The alginate impression material does not originally have adhesive property to an impression tray.Since the impression material cannot be sufficiently integrated with the impression tray by only the mechanical holding force, a specific adhesive is necessarily used in order to obtain an impression having high accuracy and also to prevent tearing of the impression material. An adhesive membrane is formed on the surface of the impression tray. The membrane can be strongly adhered to the impression tray by the adhesiveness.The tray adhesive does not interfere with the chemical properties of alginate or setting of alginate.


• Excellent bonding to metal trays

• Does not create thickness

• Fast solvent evaporation

  • Economic
  • Firm adhesion of alginate to tray
  • Thin film
  • Does not interfere with alginate
  • Easy to use
  • Colour:Clear
  • Composition:Polyamide resin in organic solvent isopropyl alcohol ethyl            acetate


  • 1x30 ml Tray adhesive bottle
  • 1xBrush attached to cap