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medicept hemostat gel

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Medicept Hemostat Gel is a viscous 20% ferric sulfate hemostatic gel containing binding and coating agents that are gentle on hard and soft tissue. Stops bleeding in seconds, saving chair time and decreasing the need for impression remakes. Due to its viscous formula ,it stays in place when delivered
and also asks the unpleasant taste of iron.It is gentle on hard and soft tissues.Infuser tip seals capillaries subgingivally and scraped away excess coagulum providing superior hemostasis


  • For placing gingival retraction cord during crown and bridge preparation

  • Control of bleeding during vital pulpotomies

  • Removal of a fragment of marginal gingiva or overgrown gingival papilla in proximal or sub gingival carious lesions

  • Proper retraction of gingiva prior to taking impressions

  • Viscous
  • Unique Binding & Coating Agents
  • Easy to Deliver
  • Ferric Sulfate-Base 
  • Multiple Applications 
  • 20% Ferric Sulphate


  • 1x 5ml Syringe
  • 5x Delivery Tips