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medicept hemostat clear gel

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Medicept Hemostat Clear Gel is a proven 25% aluminum chloride formula that rapidly eliminates minor bleeding. Clear Hemostat Gel is a uniquely viscous and colorless 25% aluminum chloride gel. Recommended for anterior restorations, it effectively eliminates minor bleeding without leaving trace residue or staining hard and or soft tissues.Has a viscous gel formula that is non-dripping in nature yet easy to apply.It does not damage vascular wall and does not pose complications for patients with known vascular diseases.



  • For placing gingival retraction cord during crown and bridge preparation

  • Control of bleeding during vital pulpotomies

  • Removal of a fragment of marginal gingiva or overgrown gingival papilla in proximal or sub gingival carious lesions

  • Proper retraction of gingiva prior to taking impressions

  • For  use in the esthetic zone to prevent coagulum and hemostatic residue from adhering to restorations and tissues
  • Viscous
  • Unique binding & coating agents
  • Easy to Deliver
  • Aluminium chloride base
  • Multiple applications 
  • Colorless
  • 25% Aluminum chloride


  • 1x 5ml Syringe
  • 5x Delivery Tips