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marathon endo e class endo motor

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Marathon Endomotor E Class by Saeyang is an endo motor used in conjunction with rotary endodontic files in the biomechanical preparation phase of endodontic therapy. It is an innovative endo rotary motor that offers quiet and comfortable performance. The endo handpiece has a push-type miniature head that makes the replacement of rotary files easy and increases the visibility of the tooth being operated. The auto stop reverses feature of the rotary endo motor ensure that once overloaded, the motor stops running in the usual direction and starts running in the opposite direction until the load is solved. Once the load is solved the motor starts running in the forward direction. The E-type motor is compatible with micro motor handpieces in compliance with ISO standards.

The contra-angle handpiece with a compact head has a gear ratio of 16:1. It has a stainless steel body with a push-button chuck loading mechanism. The endomotor functions at a maximum torque of 9.9 Ncm in a 64:1 ratio. 

  • Quiet and Comfortable Performance Accurate and Stable Performance
  • Various Reduction Gear ratios
  • Endo e Class can drive from 20 to 4,400rpm with its strong torque of 9.9Ncm (except 6:1)
  • Various Reduction gear ratios (6:1, 8:1, 10:1, 16:1, 20:1, 64:1) can lead you to the perfect performance.
  • 15 Memory Program Function


  • Torque controlled motor for safe opeartion
  • Various of handpiece ratios supported
  • 15 Free set programs
  • Auto stop reverse/Auto stop manual/Reverse
  • Acoustic warning at 75% of set torque value
  • Torque range : 1-99 Nmm

Key Specifications

Specifications of Endo E Class

Input power

AC 220 – 240V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

16 W


1.6 A

Speed control range

80  17500 rpm


1- 9.9 Ncm


910 g


W175*D125*H50 mm



Specifications of E type Motor

Inpput voltage

24 V

Rated capacity

8 W


Gear Ratio 4:01 6:01 8:01 10:01 16:01 20:01 64:01:00
RPM 300-4,400 200-2900 150-2200 100-1550 70-1100 50-810 20-270
Ncm 0.2-5.7 0.2-8.5 0.3-9.9 0.4-9.9 0.5-9.9 0.6-9.9 20-9.9



  • 1 Marathon Endo Motor E-Class
  • 1 Endodontic handpiece (16:1)


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