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mani silk rotary files assorted

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Mani Silk is a revolutionary nickel titanium endodontic file system that possesses a smooth and tactile feel and provides efficient and safe canal shaping with a minimum number of instruments

 Establish and/or confirm apical patency.

Mani D Finder hand files are pre-curved and used to negotiate the canal to the apex and achieve apical patency. Once apical patency is determined and/or the clinician reaches the estimated working length (determined from #1 above), an electronic apex locator can be used to determine the true working length.

Prepare a glide path.

The Mani hand files of choice (D Finders, K-files, SEC O K Files—safe ended hand files) are then used to prepare a glide path to the true working length. A glide path has been prepared when a #20 hand K-file spins freely at the apex.

Prepare the Canal.

Using MANI SILK FILES, the canal is generally prepared from a smaller tip size to larger using the tactile recommendations and suggested motor settings 500rpm / 300gf・cm (≒3.0 Ncm). MANI SILK FILES are used in a three second continuous and controlled passive insertion to resistance and removed. The canal is irrigated and recapitulated with a small hand file and the next Mani Silk file in the sequence is inserted in the same manner.



Mani Silk Rotary Files Assorted - Simple:-

  • 8% 25 
  • 6% 25
  • 6% 30

Mani Silk Rotary Files Assorted - Standard:-

  • 8% 25 
  • 6% 20
  • 6% 25

Mani Silk Rotary Files Assorted - Complex:-

  • 8% 25 
  • 4% 20
  • 4% 25