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mani peeso reamers 32mm

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Size: Mani Peeso Reamers 32Mm #1

Mani Peso Reamers Ideal for widening and paralleling root canals for post-core preparations. Hard Fiber Stainless steel. Right angle.

A new material developed by Mani has made it possible to commercialize safe and sharp peso reamers with higher anti-corrosion resistance to any kind to sterilization including autoclave, chemical vapor, and super acid water.

Peso Reamers are used to enlarge the cervical portion of the canal and to prepare the canal entrance.
These instruments are also useful in removing gutta-percha in preparation for creating post space.

  • Higher anti-corrosion resistance.
  • Uniform and stabilized hardness.
  • The safety tip prevents ledges or perforation.
  • Designed to be broken at very near to shank.
  • Easy identification by the number of grooves in the shank.


  • 1 unit pack of 6