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mani h-files 21mm

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Size: Mani H-File - 21mm # 08
  • This is the dental file with a shank used for enlarging the root canal.
  • It is used by the movements of vertical reciprocation or lifting.
  • It is the non-sterile instrument.
  • made up of a continuous sequence of cones.
  • sharp cutting tips

Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished edges with high ductility make for excellent working characteristics.
MANI’s original 18-8 hard-fiber stainless steel prevents corrosion after repeated cleaning and sterilization.
H files, with either a cutting tip (Mani H files) or safe-ended hand files (Mani SEC-O H), are both used to grasp canal

obstructions (often gutta-percha but possibly separated files and/or carriers) and deliver them coronally through the application of an upward force.



  • 6 H-Files in a box