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mani gates drills

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Size: Mani Gates Drill 28Mm #1
  • Made of high quality medical stainless steel
  • With high-quality cutting efficiency
  • Can be used to enlarge the coronal portion of the canal for bulk removal of tooth structure.
  • Are notched for easy size identification..
  • ISO color-coded to indicate cutting diameter.

Gates-Glidden (GG) drills are the first instruments used to enlarge the cervical portion of root canals.
They are commonly used during endodontic procedures for their ease of use and low cost.

Designed with a flame-shaped boring head with a non-cutting guide tip on a slender shaft.

Used to reduce the curvature in the orifice of the canal, allowing greater access to the canal for cleaning and obturation.
Instrument size can be easily identified by the number of grooves on each instrument.


  • 6pcs pack, available for single or assorted sizes