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mani diamond burs - taper round end / tr series

Rs. 325.00

This product has a stainless steel working part that is coated with the fine diamond crystal.
It is defined as the rotary grinding instruments for hard tissues such as teeth and bones.
It is used for connecting with dental handpieces.
It can also be used for grinding metal, plastic, porcelain, and other hard materials.

  • Long-life diamond burs
  • Quality control tested
  • High precision with efficient cutting
  • Efficient Cutting.
  • Helps in shaping the cavity during cavity preparation.

This product is used by connecting to dental handpiece and rotates to grind hard materials and tissues etc.
It is a dental diamond bur with stainless steel shank and a non-sterile instrument.

  • Main materials
  • Metal base: Stainless steel (including nickel and chromium)
  • Working part: Fine diamond crystals attached to metal base(including nickel and chromium)
  • Shank: Stainless steel (including nickel and chromium)

This advanced manufacturing, using computer-controlled precision engineering, ensures true concentricity and balance, minimizing
vibration and potential damage to handpiece bearings.

The Diamond plating of these burs is carried out under strictly controlled conditions specific to the bur pattern involved.

This process gives the highest strength and even distribution of diamond, resulting in a concentric, balanced bur with long lasting cutting ability.



  • Pack of 5 Burs

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