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maarc rootfyx

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Rootfyx is used for the root canal filling after the removal of infected pulp tissue in the root canal. Rootfyx is in the form of a flowable paste and can be immediately inserted into the root canal using a disposable tip. This product characteristically cures slowly by absorbing the ambient water inside the root canal. It is white and aesthetic.


  • Permanent root canal sealing.
  • To fill the root canal from the crown side.


  • Excellent Adhesion to dentin & Gutta Percha Point
  • Hydrophillic & sets with moisture
  • No staining of teeth
  • Good flowability
  • Seals accessory canals
  • Excellent radiopacity


Composition -

  • Calcium Silicate
  • Tantalum Oxide in compatible media


  • 4 x 0.5g Syringe