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maarc chloro-hx (2% - rose flavour) (chlorhexidine)

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Size: MAARC Chloro-HX (2% - rose flavour) (Chlorhexidine) - 100 ML (Pack of 2 (110 Rs Each)

It is potent micobicidal against gram positive bacteria thus far used as a root canal irrigant during root canal instrumentation.

It is widely indicated as final irrigant during chemo mechanical preparation.

It is choice of irrigant while performing retreatment root canal procedures.

It is indicated as an irrigant in apical 3rd of root before retrograde filling during apicoectomy (root end surgery).

It is a potent irrigant while treating internal/ external resorption cases. it is widely used before sealing (Coronal/ radicular) perforation in the tooth.


 It possess optimal antibacterial properties against gram positive & gram negatives       bacteria. It is known for its pleasant odour & taste.

 2% Chlorohexidine Solution that is used to clean and disinfect before many dental   procedures

 This greatly reduces the potential for post-operative sensitivity caused by residual     Bacterial