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shofu m.l. primer - 5ml

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A single bottle metal bonding primer, which enhances the bonding of resin materials to a wide variety of dental metals such as semi-precious metal, precious metal and non-precious metal.

  • Designed for bonding of a wide variety dental metals- semi precious metal, precious metal, and non-precious metal to polymerisable resin material.
  • Fabrication and repair of Crown & Bridge composite resin facing crown
  • Repair of PFM crown
  • Fabrication and repair of dentures using metal base, metal clasp, and metal attachment
  • Bonding and repair of metal inlay, metal crown, metal bridge, metal splint, metal post, and metal core to dental bonding resin cement and dental bonding filling material
  • Temporary repair of fractured metal partial dentures
PACKAGING:Bottle of 5ml [PN 1740]