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kulzer charisma topaz one shade resin based restorative composite kit

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The Charisma brand is trusted all over the world for its easy handling, natural beauty and reliability in restorations that all again can be found in Charisma Topaz ONE Shade.

Kulzer Charisma Topaz ONE Shade is ideal for basic posterior restorations, small or large, and not extended buccally into the visible zone. Charisma Topaz ONE Shade blends seamlessly into the surrounding dentition, independent of the tooth shade, enabling restorations to simply disappear. The universal composites for everyday restorations offers a new one-shade solution within the Charisma family for the majority of everyday cases.

Charisma Topaz ONE Shade determines the shade of the restoration by absorbing the lightwaves that are reflected by the surrounding tooth shade.

Charisma Topaz ONE Shade comes with the unique TCD matrix from Kulzer and an optimised nano-hybrid filler system. It entails the unique combination of high flexural strength and low shrinkage stress the TCD-composites are known for – physical properties that have been tested and well-documented in clinical studies.

Key Specification

  • Non-slump consistency and minimal stickiness
  • Incredible shade-matching properties
  • Minimizes fracture and chipping due to unique TCD matrix
  • Entirely free of bis-GMA and BPA-related monomers

Features :

  • The soft, yet stable and non-sticky consistency of Charisma Topaz improves the efficiency during modelling.
  • The extended working time allows for easy, stress-free modelling in any indication.
  • The filler system with nano particles facilitates polishing to a high, long-lasting gloss.
  • Approved to combine with GLUMA Bond Universal – the reliable and highly effective universal bonding solution from Kulzer.
  • Good radiopacity enables a safe and reliable diagnosis.
  • Charisma Topaz is compatible to all conventional bonding materials and techniques.

Advantages : 

  • Use simple ONE Shade layering in less complex cases to reduce efforts to a minimum.
  • The multi-shade layering possibilities allow natural layering also of complex cases.
  • Restorative margins are virtually undetectable due to the excellent shade match.
  • Its unique TCD matrix combines high strength with minimal shrinkage, that reduce the risk of fractures and secondary caries.
  • Compatible to all conventional bonding materials and techniques.


1 x Kulzer Topaz One Shade Composite Kit