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Zhermack Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body 2X380 ML

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Hydrorise Implant is a scannable radiopaque A-Silicone specific for implantology, developed by Zhermack R&D to complete the Hydrorise range.

Characterised by a high final hardness, it allows to obtain an accurate impression that detects the three-dimensional position of the implant with precision before transferring it to the laboratory.
Available in three viscosities – Heavy, Medium and Light Body – in order to combine the need for rigidity with the one for detail reproduction, it can be used with monophase (Medium Body) and simultaneous (Heavy and Light Body) techniques.



• Mixing ratio 5:1 (Hydrorise Implant Medium and Heavy Body 380 ml)

• High final hardness

• Hydrocompatibility

• Thixotropy

• Radiopacity

• Biocompatibility

• Scannability without using matting sprays

• Mint scented


• High rigidity that helps holding the transfer in the three-dimensional position

• High elastic recovery to minimize the risk of deformation during removal from the mouth

• Ideal snap-set that combines an adequate working time with a short time in the mouth

• Ease of use (mixing and dosing) thanks to the self-mixing cartridges

• 380 ml cartridges compatible with the main 5:1 automatic mixers on the market

• High dimensional stability

• High thixotropy: the material does not flow in the mouth of the patient

• Disinfectability without any significant dimensional changes

• Biocompatible for a greater patient safety

• Immediate impression readability by the dentist thanks to easily readable colors

• Easy removal of the model from the impression by the dental technician

• 3 years shelf-life

• For automatic mixing of the 5:1 systems we recommend the use of Sympress.

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