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huge perfit putty vps a-silicone impression material

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Huge Perfit Putty VPS A-Silicone Impression Material


  • Huge Perfit Putty is especially suitable for two-step impression technique.
  • Crown and Bridge Impression; Inlays and Onlays Impression.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Good linear dimensional stability.


  • Choose a suitable tray
  • Clean and dry your hands.
  • Do not wear latex gloves during the operation.
  • Do not touch any cosmetic products or any other materials such as talcum powder, etc..
  • *Disposable polyethylene gloves are recommended.
  • Take the first impression.
  • Take the base and catalyst with measuring spoons in corresponding colors.
  • Use the fingertip to mix the materials till the mixture color becomes even without the streak.
  • *30 seconds is the recommended mixing time.
  • Knead the putty into a stick and then put it in the tray, and finally put the tray into the patient’s mouth.
  • Adjust the first impression with silicone cut.
  • Take the second impression with PERFIT Light Body for more precise result.


  • 400g Base + 400g Catalyst/box
  • 1 White Measuring Spoon, 1 Purple Measuring Spoon