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hudens bio burstar hp carbide inverted cone burs

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Size: Hudens Bio Burstar HP Carbide Inverted Cone Bur 38 (INC-016)

Hudens Bio Burstar HP Carbide Inverted Cone Burs


Hudens Bio Burstar HP Carbide Inverted Cone Burs

  • Solid tungsten carbide-bur that does not weld surface to shank
  • When cutting, it does not run out so it has excellent cutting efficiency and lifespan.


  • Carefully designed blade structure, rake angle, flute depth, and spiral angulation combined with our specially formulated tungsten carbide results in the powerful cutting performance of our burs. Hudens Bio burs are engineered to deliver the most efficient cutting rate & performance for the most popular procedures.


  • Proper selection of tungsten carbide and high-quality steel combined with a specialized heat treatment process and controlled welding operation creates the optimum conditions required to attain the impressive strength and durability of a Hudens Bio bur.


  • Solid tungsten carbide
  • Long life
  • High-efficiency designing for excavation
  • Powerful Cutting Performance.
  • Maximum Strength & Durability.
  • Consistent Quality.
  • Tungsten Carbide Bur.
  • Tungsten carbide bur reduces the risk of chipping and breakage.
  • Reduces patient discomfort and operating time.
  • Optimum strength.
  • Fast and smooth vibration-free performance.
  • Durability.


  • Overall length - 44.5mm
  • Shank diameter - 2.35mm 
  • Shape - Inverted cone
  • For Low-Speed Straight Handpiece
  • Autoclavable up to 134°C

Head Diameter :

  • Bur INC-016 - 1.6mm
  • Bur INC-018 - 1.2mm
  • Bur INC-021 - 2.1mm
  • Bur INC-023 - 2.3mm


Pack of 6 Bur