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hu-friedy 11/12 gracey curette satin steel (sg11/126)

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Gracey curettes are designed to adapt to a specific area or tooth surface. Hu-Friedy manufactures a variety of Gracey styles and patterns, such as After Five curettes with a longer terminal shank and thinned blade, Mini Five curettes with After Five.


  • Offset blade provides a perfect working angulation for the tooth surface.
  • Offset blade angulation means only the lower cutting edge of each blade is used.


Retip Finding Scaler angles and working ends vary greatly from original Hu Friedy designs.

It’s difficult to properly adapt the cutting edge and remove deposits. Awkward hand and fulcrum positioning can lead to increased hand and wrist fatigue.



  • If possible, an automatic procedure  in a dental instrument washer unit should be used for cleaning of the instruments.
  • A manual procedure – even in case of application of an ultrasonic bath – should only be used if an automatic procedure is not available or if such a method is not compatible with specific materials; in this case, the significantly lower efficiency of a manual procedure must be considered.
  • All assembled instruments must be disassembled before reprocessing.


  • Please use only the recommended sterilization procedures listed below.
  • Other sterilization procedures are the responsibility of the user.
  • Hu-Friedy recommends a minimum 30 minute dry time; however defer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the equipment used.


  • Please store the instruments after sterilization in a dry and dust free place in the clean section of the instrument processing area. Sterilization can only be maintained, if the instruments remain packaged or wrapped - impermeable to micro-organisms - following validated standards. The status of the sterilization has to be clearly indicated on the wrapped packages or the containers. For safety reasons, keep sterile and non-sterile instruments strictly apart.


  • 1 x Hu-Friedy 11/12 Gracey Curette satin steel (SG11/126)