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shofu glasionomer fx ultra 1-1 set

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Title: Shofu GlasIonomer FX Ultra 1-1 Set A2

A truly self-adhesive, bulk filling glass ionomer restorative, GlasIonomer FX Ultra outperforms conventional restoratives in its class, with its unique new formulation that provides superior aesthetics, translucency, lasting caries resistance and stability.

GlasIonomer FX Ultra has an optimally balanced formulation with high initial reactivity and rapid maturation process that virtually equalizes refractive indices of the glass core and the matrix to provide a remarkably stable, strong, translucent and fluoride-rich restoration.


  • Remarkable Translucency For An Easier Shade Match And Better Aesthetics
  • Superior mechanical properties for durable posterior restorations
  • Good wettability of powder and liquid assures an easy and fast mix
  • Superior Handling qualities with adequate working time and a sharp setting reaction
  • Low solubility and acid erosion
  • Significant fluoride release and recharge
  • Easy to pack and adapt
  • Available in shades A2

Individually packed in:

  • Powder 15 g, Liquid 8 ml (10 g)
  • Measuring Scoop, Spatula, Cocoa Butter, Mixing Pad, Universal Strips