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gc fuji 7 (powder- liquid)

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Size: GC Fuji 7 (Powder- Liquid) -Pink
  • Effective glass ionomer protection
  • Self-bonding ion exchange and high fluoride release create a strong, acid-resistant, chemically fused layer that will continue to offer protection to the occlusal surface for up to 24 months
  • Etching, bonding agents, or tooth isolation is not required
  • Strong, lasting bond to tooth structure
  • Moisture-friendly; perfect for sealing and protecting newly erupted molars or endodontically treated preparations
  • The tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion improves the sealant staying power, which helps maintain marginal integrity (when used as a restorative)
  • Fewer steps; self-bonding can seal in less than half the time of a resin
  • Long term fluoride release
  • Has the highest fluoride release of any glass ionomer or resin
  • Is six times more than any of the latest glass ionomers
  • Provides patients with up to 24 months of fluoride protection every application
  • More than just a sealant barrier, the advanced fluoride protection offers your patient protection from secondary caries
  • Prevents non-carious lesions from progressing to caries
  • Improves the likelihood of remineralization and strengthens the enamel
  • Prevents further erosion in rampant caries cases
  • Fluoride release can be recharged when the patient uses a fluoridated rinse or dentifrice

  • Pink or white
  • The light pink color offers visual indication of placement, tooth growth and wear; the pink material offers a “Command Set” to speed up cure time by light-curing with halogen/plasma curing light (this material does not photopolymerize; it speeds up curing time by absorbing heat from the light)
  • The white color is available for improved patient acceptance; the “Command Set” is not available in Fuji VII White
  • Low viscosity
  • Penetrates into pits and fissures; it can be brushed on with a micro-tip brush or blown in with air syringe
  • It stays exactly where it is placed without running


  • 1 x 15g Powder
  • 1 x 10g Liquid