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eve diapro porcelain polishing kits

Original price Rs. 5,540.00 - Original price Rs. 5,860.00
Original price
Rs. 5,540.00
Rs. 5,540.00 - Rs. 5,860.00
Current price Rs. 5,540.00
Size: Eve Diapro Twist Polishing Kit -9092
  • Especially suitable for silicate porcelain
  • Diamond grit for highest efficiency
  • Polishing result matches glazing
  • Before polishing, grinding is done with Diasynt Plus

For Lithium Disilicate porcelain (IPS Emax), Layered ceramic For dentist who are doing lot of Emax Veneer, Inlay, Onlay, Crown.Polishing result matches glazing.Before polishing, grinding is done with Diasynt® Plus Medium Grit


Diapro Twist Polishing Kit -9092

  • 6 Pieces

 Diapro Diasynt Plus Medium Grit Polishing Kit -9085

  • 8 Pieces