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dmg luxatemp fluorescence - (10:1) bisacrylic temporary crown and bridge material

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Size: DMG LuxaTemp Fluorescence - (10:1) BisAcrylic Temporary Crown and Bridge Material - A1

LuxaTemp Flouresnce - Bisacrylic temporary crown and bridge material

  • Luxatemp-Flouroscence is a self-curing composite for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. The two component material is based on multifunctional methacrylates and is automatically mixed. The additional flouroscence makes it possible to create especially natural temporary prosthesis with a high esthetic quality.
  • DMG introduced it more than 20 years ago and Luxatemp® was the first bisacryl provisional material introduced as an automix material
  • Today, it remains the system of choice for clinicians to produce esthetically superior, lifelike and perfect provisionals.

High surface hardness

Due to its high surface hardness, Luxatemp is extremely abrasion resistant and maintains the vertical relation

Easy to cut and polish

It is a self curing composite making it easy to cut and polish than acrylic based temporisation materials.

High fracture resistance

With its high fracture resistance, Luxatemp is extremely tough and therefore well-suited for long-term temporaries as well.

Low polymerization shrinkage

The material’s low polymerization shrinkage ensures a tension free fit of the temporary.

Natural esthetics

The fluorescence of Luxatemp-Fluorescence allows the temporaries to reflect light the same as natural teeth in all light conditions. It is highly esthetic and results can be obtained offering a reliable preview of the final result.

Outstanding color stability

Luxatemp Fluorescence is available in six fluorescence shades all of which exhibit outstanding color stability


Temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, venners and long term temporaries.