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dentsply start-x ultrasonic tips

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Size: Dentsply Start-X Tip Satelec Type Insert 1

Start-X™ ultrasonic tips are a new, simple addition to the current DENTSPLY Maillefer ultrasonic Endodontic tips range, designed to improve the quality of Endodontic treatments. 

These simple-to-use tips have multiple applications so that the dentist knows exactly which tip to use in which situation. The tips are made of hard-tempered stainless steel so they have strong resistance to wear and tear and the tips can vibrate in the air without breaking. A micro-milled active part creates a smooth finish and minimises the risk of diamond grit loss in the patient’s mouth.



  • Minimized risk of potential diamond grit loss in the patient’s mouth


  • Cools down the insert and avoids overheating of the treated tooth. This is particularly important when removing metal posts which usually require high energy
  • The intermittent use of irrigation enables the clinician to alternate between dry precision work and debris evacuation


Technical specification/thread:

EMS type M3 x 0.5mm

Satelec type M3 x 0.6mm

 The use of ultrasonic inserts is advised for these applications because of these two main characteristics:

  • A great working precision
  • An incomparable view of the operative field


  • Start-X #1. Access cavity wall refinement
  • Start-X #2. MB2 canal scouter
  • Start-X #3. Canal openings scouter
  • Start-X #4. Metal post removal
  • Start-X #5. Reveals the original pulp chamber floor anatomy


  1 Piece

Assorted Pack : Pack of 5