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dentsply spectrum composite

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Rs. 760.00
Rs. 760.00 - Rs. 4,215.00
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Size: Dentsply Syringe Spectrum India - Shade A2 (3G) - 1 Syringe

Spectrum® restorative is a visible-light activated, radiopaque micro-hybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations. The composite is delivered in traditional syringes and is available in a selection of precise VITA® 1 shades


• Restorations of all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth.



 Patients who have a history of severe allergic reaction to methacrylate resins or any of the other components.


Universal Microhybrid Composite Restoration

 1. Simple and aesthetic

 Create lifelike restorations with as little as one single shade: the chameleon effect of Spectrum® helps to obtain outstanding colour reproduction while the enamel-like lustre mimics that of the natural tooth.

2. Easy handling

Creamy and non-sticky consistency. Excellent adaptability.
New innovative syringe:
• Ergonomically designed

• Less extrusion power needed • Durable laser marking

 3. Proven durability

Spectrum® demonstrates high wear resistance and superior durability against fracture, resulting in long-lasting aesthetic restorations. 


Dentsply Spectrum Composite Kit

  • 4 x 3g Spectrum Syringe (Shade A1, A2, A3, B2)
  • 1 x 3.5ml Spectrum bond
  • 1 x Detray Conditioner 36
  • 1 x 50 Applicator Tips 1 x 25 Applicator Needles
  • 1 x Instruction for Use

Syringe Spectrum India - Shade A1

A1 (3G) - 1 Syring

Syringe Spectrum India - Shade A2

Shade A2 (3G) - 1 Syring

Syringe Spectrum India -  A3

Shade A3 (3G) - 1 Syring

Syringe Spectrum India -  B2

Shade B2 (3G) - 1 Syring