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dentsply protaper next refill - 25 mm

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Size: Dentsply Protaper Next Refill- X1 25Mm

The Dentsply Protaper Next Refill - 25mm are rotary endodontic files made of nickel-titanium, used in biomechanical preparation of the root canal system.

ProTaper Next Files has been the gold standard in endodontics for many years and has been an effective solution for practitioners.

This Pro Taper Next file system provides various shaping advantages through a variable tapered design on a given file, M-Wire technology and a unique offset mass of rotation.

 ProTaper NEXT files produce a unique asymmetrical rotary motion.




  • Used in the biomechanical preparation of the root canal during endodontic therapy.




  • Reduced engagement due to the swaggering effect, limiting undesirable taper lock.
  • More cross-sectional space for enhanced cutting.
  • Allows cutting a bigger envelope of motion.
  • A versatile and flexible system capable of handling a majority of root canal treatments, including complex cases.
  • The ProTaper Next file system utilizes an increasing and decreasing percentage tapered design on a single file. This aids in minimizing the contact between the file and dentin, which increases efficiency while decreasing the dangerous taper lock and the screw effect.
  • Off-Center rectangular code adds greater strength to the file as it tracks down the canal.
  • M-Wire technology improves the resistance of the file to cyclic fatigue by almost 400%.
  • As Increasing the flexibility of the file, the M-Wire technology decreases the potential for broken instruments.
  • Progressively percentage tapered design.
  • M-Wire Technology.
  • Offset mass of rotation.
  • Off-Center rectangular code.
  • Enhanced cutting efficiency.
  • Swaggering effect.
  • Two-point contact with dentin walls at any given cross-section.
  • 2 Files Shaping System.
    Pack of 3