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dentsply nitiflex k-file - 25mm

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Size: Dentsply NiTi K File(Hand)-25mm #30
  • NITIFLEX K-FILE for opening severely curved root canals have outstanding advantages over traditional stainless steel instruments:

  • NITIFLEX files flex to smoothly follow the curve of the root canal.

  • Whether working with a very fine file or a larger size, the dentist has the same sensitive control over the cutting action.

  • NITIFLEX files require no pre-bending.The built-in flexibility of all files in the range prevents transportation or any deformation of the natural curve of the canal.

  • High fatigue resistance.

  • High cutting ability.

Dentsply K File NITI Flex

  • The NiTi K-file has one cutting edge with a 90° angle, with its unique spiral design flutes. Deleted .
  • Specially designed for curved root canals with flexibility, durability, and cutting ability.
  • Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished edges with high ductility make for excellent working characteristics.
  • Made of high quality NiTi Alloy.
  • With precise processing technology, products in good flexibility, high quality cutting efficiency and fracture resistance.
  • Progressive taper design improves flexibility and cutting efficiency, especially in tighter or more curved canals.
  • High-temperature sterilization is allowable.


  • Pack of 6 files