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Dentsply Gutta Percha Points 6% Taper

Rs. 310.00
For all warm or cold obturations. The high-quality level of our gutta-percha points offers you the precision required
for optimal obturation.

Gutta-percha points with greater taper can be used with either cold obturation techniques such as single cone and
lateral compaction or as a master cone for warm vertical compaction. The gutta-percha cones are designed 6 % (0.06) taper and 28 mm length to fit precisely prepared root canals and offer a quicker obturation option for root canals with a greater taper.
The gutta-percha cones are machine-rolled with precision from the highest quality gutta-percha to ensure true size and optimal treatment results.
Gutta-percha points are flexible yet stiff enough to provide ease during insertion and ideal workability.


Used to obturate or fill the empty Voids inside the root of a tooth after it has undergone endodontic therapy
during the Root canal treatment.

  • Gutta-percha endodontic filling points were found to contain approximately 20% gutta-percha (matrix),
  • 66% zinc oxide (filler), 11% heavy metal sulfates (radiopacifier), and 3% waxes and/or resins (plasticizer)
  • Reliable insertion down to the apex
  • Taper: 6%
  • Available in monochrome white in order to avoid tooth darkening.


  • Pack of 60 Points

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Dr Vijay Kumar C N

Very good