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dentsply ceramxspheretec one universal syring

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Ceram.x SphereTEC one is a versatile nano-ceramic light curing composite based on SphereTEC's unique spherical filler technology, shown for direct and indirect restorations.

The new filler technology is a combination of spherical particles and an optimized resin matrix, which leads to ideal handling properties of the material.

What is SphereTEC?

SphereTEC spherical filler technology ensures maximum material filling with micro-granular, spherical barium glass particles. SphereTEC is a process for the production of micro-sized spherical granular suprastructures consisting of submicron glass.

The morphology of the filler particles, particle size distribution, and surface microstructure are key to excellent material performance and easy polishing.

High resistance to runoff and exceptional handling properties

In addition to spherical fillers, ceram.x SphereTEC also contains smaller filler particles, which lead to an immediate stop of the material in the absence of external forces, forming a high level of stability and creep resistance, as well as excellent material modeling.

Material does not stick to hand tools

The SphereTEC micro-granular structure is able to bind more free resin particles compared to conventional fillers. As a result, ceram.x does not stick to tools.

What makes this SphereTEC technology so special?

SphereTEC is an advanced spherical microparticle-based filler technology based on the principle of ball bearings, taking performance to a new level

You can already feel the difference when making ceram.x. into the cavity.

SphereTEC spherical filler provides easy, effortless application as well as unrivaled adaptation of the composite to the walls of the tooth cavity.

A mixture of spherical and smaller particles of material without the application of force immediately ceases movement. This provides a high level of stability and does not allow the material to slide along the cavity wall.




  • 1 x 3g Syringe