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Cotisen Mixing Tips (1:1 Blue 50pcs)

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Cotisen Mixing Tips (1:1 Blue 50pcs)

Description :-

Cotisen Hp Mixing Tips

The new mixing technology provides consistently less material waste and high mixing quality with the changeover to the New tips seamless.

100% compatible with the current mixing system Up to 30% reduction of wasted material remaining in the mixing tip. Improved mixing performance. Latest technology in dental mixing tips.

Mixing Tips allow you to create complete and uniform mixtures. They keep the material bubble-free, helping create detailed impressions of delicate margins, Ideally used with dispensing guns in the use of light body cartridges,

temporary crown material, Extra- Light/Light/Regular-body impression material, Regular/ Heavy-body impression material, etc. The tips are perfect to deliver and convenient for precise material placement.

Hp Mixing Tips Blue 1:1 :- These tips are used in dentistry for precise dispensing of bite registration material during dental procedures

packaging :-

Hp Mixing Tips

  • 1 x Pack of 50