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cotisen endodontic aspirator tip (20pcs)

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The soft aspirating tip is design with multi-directional flexibility. Without entering into the end of root canals, it can be used by the principle of negative pressure to suck out fluids in the cavities, canals, multiple canals and lateral branches.

Easy to Operate.

The connector and suction tube are at a specific angle, which is convenient for dentist to operate on each tooth in the patient's mouth.

Better Effect.

During root canal irrigation, this product is placed in the mouth of the cavity and sucked at the same time, so that a circulating water flow is formed in the root canal, which transforms passive irrigation into active irrigation and improves the irrigation effect.

Higher Efficiency.

Compared with paper point alone, the aspirating tip can dry canals more quickly and efficiently and reduces the irritation of the rinsing fluid to the tooth issue and reduces the amount of paper point. (Recommended using a paper point to check and doing final drying)