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cotisen base former - tray base

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  • Flexible Silicone Base formers
  • Helps in easy formation of base for maxillary and mandibular impression cast
  • Durable
  • Economic

Cotisen Base Former-Tray Base made of flexible silicone used to make base of the impression casts or study models



  • Keep the base formers away from heat or direct sunlight
  • Keep them dry to avoid any unncessary cuts or tearing of the silicone
  • Wash & dry the base formers before using to avoid any unwanted dust particles to attach to the dental stone/Plaster of Paris
  • Mix the Plaster of Paris or Dental stone well in a rubber bowl with mixing spatula.
  • Pour the material in the base formers simultaneously keep tapping the base formers
  • Align the Maxillary or Mandibular Cast to the centre point of the base formers & place the cast on it pressing slightly.
  • Let the material set according to the setting time.
  • Remove the cast gently from the base formers.