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d-tech compomax kit

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Dtech Compomax Kit Nano Hybrid LC Anterior Posterior Composite Kit Dtech Compomax is a light curing Nano Hybrid Composite for anterior and posterior filling of all cavity classes. It is a light-cured resin-based dental restorative material. This system has enhanced color stability; designed to accommodate? Multi-shade layering? technique. This not only guarantees a natural and highly aesthetic filling but also minimization of polymerization shrinkage. Compomax is used with a dentine enamel bond & is available in the syringe. INDICATION FOR USE:- Enamel layer for class I, II, III, IV, V, VI, restorations Repairing veneers Splinting & locking of periodontally involved teeth. Core build-up to replace missing tooth structure. Composite inlays Facetting of discolored anterior. Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors. Composite & porcelain repairs. Diastema closures. To mask out discolored pulpal floor at the base of a preparation (opaque shades).

Key Specifications

 High Flexural & Compressive Strength
 Highly Aesthetic

4 x 4g Light Cured Universal Composite Syringe, 1 x 2.5g Etching gel syringe 1 x 5ml Single step 5th generation bonding agent , 50 x Fibred Applicator tips, 20 x Angled tips