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coltene vitality control endo-frost

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Coltene ENDO-FROST spray is used to ice cotton pellets to test the normal response of nerve fibers by stimulating the nerve endings of the pulp. As a result of this test, the vitality (existing blood flow) of the tooth can be made.

Cold thermal tests work by causing contraction of the dentinal fluid within the dentine tubules; this rapid outward flow of movement results in ‘hydrodynamic forces’ acting on the Aδ nerve fibres. There is a sharp sensation, lasting for up to a few seconds after the cold stimulus has been removed from the tooth. Cold tests appear to be more effective in assessing nerve status than heat tests

The Endo Frost spray is odorless and has a spray nozzle for precise application on the pellet. Roeke Endo-Frost Spray works by controlling pain associated with injections, minor surgical procedures and other procedures. It can also be used temporarily to relieve pain from minor injuries during exercise.

Do not spray in mouth!



  • For freezing pellets and dental rolls
  • Spray nozzle for precise application
  • Odourless
  • No CFC
  • Temperature -50°C


  • Temperature -50 °C


  • Ethyl chloride
  • Propane/Butane