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Coltene Tenax Fibre Posts Translucent - Refills

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TENAX Fiber Trans is an excellent alternative to metal posts, if highly esthetic, metal free restorations are desired. 

The TENAX Fiber Trans Post System is a high quality, translucent fiber resin post system, that has a tapered (.04) design in the bottom third of the post.

Fiber Post with high strength, high bending strength, and resistance to shearing force have elastic modulus similar to that of dentin. It can absorb bite force and external forces to avoid root features. 4% taper in the bottom third. It is translucent hence light can pass through it while using light cure.


  • Metal-Free: Esthetic dentistry
  • White: No shadowing
  • Excellent aesthetics: white, translucent color
  • Cylindro-conical design:
  • 2/3 parallel – excellent retention
  • 1/3 conical to correspond to the shape of the root canal
  • Grooves: Provides you with an outstanding mechanical retention
  • Removable: Enables endodontic retreatment
  • Outstanding mechanic retention
  • 4% taper in the bottom third
  • It is translucent hence light can pass through it while using light cure.


Composition :

  • Fiber/Glass reinforcement 75%
  • Resin 25%

Flexural Strength - 1577 MPa

Flexural Modulus - 26 GPa

Compressive Strength - 519 MPa

Dimensions of the Posts :

  • TFT 11 - 1.1mm (diameter), 19mm length
  • TFT 13 - 1.3mm (diameter), 19mm length
  • TFT 15 - 1.5mm (diameter), 19mm length


  • Pack of 5 posts

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