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coltene diatech crown preparation kit

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Diatech Crown Preparation Bur kit is designed to offer speedy, simple, and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of crown and bridge restorations, veneers, and Onlays.

An excellent marginal fit is key to restoration longevity and success. Excellent fit requires good marginal preparation. Restorations fail at the margins more than anywhere else, leading to adhesive failure of the bond or cement wash-out, leakage and pulp symptoms. This kit provides a comprehensive selection of burs that are needed for crown preparations.

Crown Preparation Dental Burs Kit of 14 Multilayered Gold Plated Diamond Burs specially selected for Crown & Bridge Preparation.



  • High-quality diamond burs.
  • Autoclavable at 134C
  • Premium packaging
  • Friction grip shank configuration


Shank type - Friction grip

Material - Stainless steel Shank Coated with diamond particles

Autoclavable upto 134°C

Color band on shank :

  • Regular - Blue
  • Fine - Red
  • Superfine - Yellow



Set Of 14 Burs : 
  • 368-023-5ML
  • 811-033-5ML
  • 830L-020-5ML
  • 834-016-6.8ML
  • 836R-014-6ML
  • 847-014-8ML
  • 847-016-8ML
  • 856-014-8ML
  • 859-010-10ML
  • 898-016-11ML
  • 847-016-8F
  • 848-014-10F
  • 830L-014-5XF
  • 6052-018-8MLX