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shofu ceramage modelling liquid 6ml

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Light-curing micro-hybrid composite with a ceramic portion of more than 73 % micro-fine ceramic. The composition supported by a filling organic polymer matrix strengthens the homogeneous structure and gives Ceramage ceramic-like properties. The material is applied for metal-supported as well as metal-free anterior and posterior restorations.


  • Natural aesthetics due to teeth-like light transmission;
  • Abrasion-stable occlusal veneers;
  • Pleasant viscosity and modelling properties;
  • High shade security;
  • Can be polished very well;
  • High plaque resistance;
  • Universal opaque with convincing covering characteristics and bond values to all alloys;
  • Comprehensive range of translucent effect shades and fluorescent Lite Art paste stains.
  • Fully veneered crowns and bridges;
  • Fully veneered telescopic and conic crowns;
  • Implant works;
  • Attachment works;
  • Occlusal veneers;
  • Inlays and onlays;
  • Veneers;
  • Long-term temporaries;
  • Modifications of conventional acrylic teeth.
Physical data:
    flexural strength 146 N/mm²; flexural modulus 10,700 N/mm²; compressive strength 354 N/mm²; diametral tensile strength 62 N/mm²; Vickers hardness 74 HV0.2; water absorption 27 µg/mm³; toothbrush abrasion 0.43 %; polymerisation shrinkage 2.5 % by volume; inorganic filler content 73 % by weight.