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baolai ultrasonic scalers ( c-7l )

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Rs. 11,040.00
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BAOLAI Ultrasonic Scalers ( C-7L )

C7L scaler with L3 detachable aluminum alloy LED handpiece is very popular in the developed countries.

  • Handpiece material: Aluminium alloy
  • Function: Scaling,Perio,LED. Endo is optional
  • Handpiece: Detachable.Autoclavable
  • Certificate: CE,FDA,ISO

Detachable aluminum alloy LED handpiece compatible with EMS Minimaster/Piezon 700 scaler. It is the world's first invention in the field of scaler handpiece, which obtains 15 patents.Better heat dispersion. No cracking.No deformation. No yellowing. More comfortable.

LED handpiece and its spare parts can be autoclaved together or separately.

Long lifespan of LED and light guide.

LED colour temperature: 3000K-3200K, warm white light. Dentist is not easy to feel tired when operation. White light is optional.

Now some competitors are following us to develop such an aluminum alloy LED handpiece or copy ours.