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Apple Dental RVG Sensor

Rs. 69,000.00

Product Description

APPLE DENTAL Direct Imaging & High Efficiency

Profound Reliability
The whole imaging procedures go directly from data acquisition to immediate image display and reading. There is NO need for any X-ray film.
The sensor casing is purposely designed to resist shocks, bite, and drops to ensure product durability. It is absolutely waterproof, able to be a plate reader.
immersed in disinfecting solution for better hygienic and safety protection. The protective sheaths reduce the risk of cross-contamination and protect plates from scratches and heat.

Extraordinary Usability

The computer supports Iigtingfast data transmission and enables real-time imaging. User-friendly design also compatible with the currently available imaging technology on the market, the sensor can work with both film and digital radiography system helps to optimize workflow.

Photon Counting Detector Technology

Our sensor detector is tally digital, without a need for film processing. Moreover, our photon-counting detector is manufactured photon-counting detector technology is applied in intra-oral imaging for the first time, converting X-rays into digital signals directly; and with the standard microelectronics fabrication process, thus enjoying sizeable cost advantage. Yielding high dynamic range, high contrast-resolution images at the comparatively lower dosage.

Powerful Post-Processing Software

A wide dynamic range and high contrast resolution work together to make unparalleled clarity for both the tooth and subtle details. Multiple image processing algorithms help to improve image contrast and sharpness with more exquisite details of the soft tissues.


*5 Years Warranty

Weight:                               0.1KG

Size:                                   26.5mm*32mm*11.7mm

Anti-shock type:                  Type II applied part

Operation voltage:              DC 5V

Input power:                        500mW

Low contrast resolution:       Able to display holes with 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mmm, and 2.5mm diameter on the 0.5mm-thick aluminum foil

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