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api alginate spatula (pack of 10)

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Size: api alginate spatula - White

Alginate Mixing Spatula.

  • API Alginate Spatula is specially designed for alginate impression material mixing.
  • Plastic spatula is good for mixing and effective with flat and smooth fore-end.
  • Straight spatula
  • The handle is arabesquitic
  • Easy handling
  • Flat smooth fore-end of the spatula is better for mixing the medicine well


  • Lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • Compatible for alginate mixing
  • Perfect combination of flexibility and stiffness, for good control
  • Easy-grip handle reduces slipping
  • Does not interfere with the composition of the cement.
  • Immaculate finish
  • Optimum durability.
  • Easy to clean

Key Specifications:


  • Composed of good quality plastic
  • Designed to fit all mixing bowls
  • They will not scratch the surface of bowls and cleans up easily

Directions To Use :

The components needed: - Alginate powder and measuring scoop, rubber mixing bowl and water measurer, spatula (a plastic flexible spatula may also be used), and the appropriate impression tray.

For this particular alginate, the instructions state that two scoops of alginate powder are needed to one full measure of water.

The alginate powder and tepid water are then gradually mixed together using a spatula in a figure of 8.
Care should be taken to ensure all the powder granules are incorporated.
The spatula is used in such a way as to smooth the alginate mixture against the rubber bowl and release any air bubbles that may have become trapped in the
alginate mixture during the initial mixing stage.
This is continued until a silk smooth and glossy consistency, free of air bubbles is achieved.
The silk smooth alginate mixture prior to application to the impression tray.
The alginate mixture is applied to the impression tray as shown. N.B. The impression tray should not be over loaded with alginate.


  • 1 x API Alginate Spatula