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angelus mta repair hp

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Size: Angelus MTA Repair HP 5 Capsules

Bioceramic high plasticity reparative cement
To improve sandy consistency,Angelus has developed a new formulation called MTA Repair HP which results in a product with greater plasticity,facilitating its handling and insertion in dental cavity.



• New formula:Raw materials with no contamination much easier manipulation and insertion into the dental cavity after hydration.
• New radiopaquer Calcium Tungstate: prevents staining of the root or crown due to bismuth free composition.
• Initial setting time of 15 minutes: single session treatment.
• Low solubility: prolonged action and quicker tissue healing.
• Setting expansion: high marginal sealing capability.
• Regeneration stimuli: excellent biological sealing of root perforations, inducing formation of periradicular cement.
• Pulp regeneration: induces the formation of dentin barrier when used on pulp exposures.
• Hydrophilic: enable its use in humid conditions without changing its properties
• Single doses:-optimizes time and handling



• Treatment of iatrogenic or decay related perforations(root and furcations)
• Treatment of root perforations associated with internal resorption
• Surgical treatment of root perforations
• Parendodontic surgery with retro filling(Apicoectomy)
• Direct pulp capping
• Pulpotomy
• Apexogenesis