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angelus mta angelus

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Bioceramic Reparative Cement
12 Years with scientific proven results Top Endodontic Reparative Cement according to Dental Advisor.


• Ions calcium release-enhances formation of mineralized tissue,to provide biological seal of perforations
• Biological action:Capable of inducing neoformation of periradicular cement
• Easy to use –doesnot lose properties due to moisture of oral tissues
• Bactericidal due to high alkalinity
• Low solubility
• Biocompatible to oral tissues-low inflammatory response
• Adequate compressive strengths
• More radiopaque than dentin and bone
• Setting time of 15minutes


• Treatment of iatrogenic or decay related perforations(root and furcations)
• Treatment of root perforations associated with internal resorption
• Surgical treatment of root perforations
• Parendodontic surgery with retro filling(Apicoectomy)
• Direct pulp capping
• Pulpotomy
• Apexogenesis