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angelus flex - endodontic aspirator

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Angelus Flex - For the suction in endodontic procedures.


  • Sterilizable and for single use,the product is already offered in sterile envelopes with cobalt gamma rays.
  • Pre-angulated,the Flex Endodontic suction tube has a Luer Lock fitting, as well as the tips, which allows perfect adaptation, Sucton Tube has two conicities that allow it to fit onto any equipment
  • Plastic material,We do not recommend reusing the product due to the lack of access to the inside of the tube for correct cleaning.
  • Fabricated with rigid copolymer
  • Innovative design
  • Two suction tips
  • 10 aspirators, 10 initial aspiration tips (Endo Tips 0.6) and 10 final aspiration tips (Endo Tips 0.14) - all sterilized


  • Guarantee of Biosafety
  • Better positioning in the oral cavity
  • No oxidation with use
  • Allows retraction of lips, cheeks and tongue
  • Easy handling
  • Enables the exchange of tips during the procedure if necessary

Key Features

1. Sterilizable and for single use
2. Pre-angulated
3. Plastic material
4. Fabricated with rigid copolymer
5. Innovative design
6. Two suction tips