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anand ep-30 dual power suction unit (electric cum manually operated suction unit dual power suction unit.)

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Rs. 14,530.00
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A dual Suction Unit comprising of oil-free electrical suction pump integrated with Paddle/Manual Suction Unit use in places where electricity is erratic.


  • Minor OT’s
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • Wards
  • MS Housing: MS Powder Coated, SS Top on two wheels
  • Overflow Safety: Dual Mechanical for added protection of the pump
  • EP30 Back View: Manual Suction
  • Oil-free Diaphragm Pump: No-oil maintenance-free diaphragm pump.


Housing MS powder coated,Ss top on two wheels
Max. Vacuum / LPM Electric -600 mm Hg, 45 Ltrs / min / Pedal -600mm Hg, 200 ml / stroke
Pump Type Electric - Diaphragm / Pedal - Piston
Jars 2 x 2 Ltrs. PC Jar
Filter Bacterial Filter Autoclavable / Reusable
Tubing 10 mm ID x 2 mtr. (PVC)
Vacuum Gauge 6.5 cm dia 0-760 mm Hg
Power Supply 220 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 90 Watt
Noise Level 55 dB A ± 3
Dimensions 42 x 39 x 64 cms
Net Weight 15.5 Kg
Overflow Safety Dual Mechanical


Direction to Use

Motorized and manual pumps are housed in the cabinet. To fasten in the motorized pump well with the base, two black hexa bolts (used as holdfasts for transportation at the bottom of the unit) MUST be removed by rotating
anticlockwise with the aid of a simple hand tool. On the platform is a safety jar with autoclavable filter which is the suction inlet.

Before the unit is put on please see that:

  • The plug is connected to the grounded outlet.
  • The vacuum control knob is not loose. It must be fully tightened clockwise.
  • The lids and tube are tightly placed on the jars. To avoid leakage the push-in and angular connectors must be inserted as far as the stop. While unplugging, twist and pull. The tubing should be without any kinks.


Always turn the power off with the power switch after job is complete or, in case of breakdown, in between the use.


  • 1 x Suction Unit
  • 2 x 2 Ltrs Jar


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