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3m unitek smart clip self ligating brackets mbt

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The SmartClip SL3 Self-Ligating Bracket System is comprised of a unique self-ligating clip mechanism with no moving doors providing unmatched efficiency. Based on clinical feedback, 3M Unitek has combined advanced materials engineering with sophisticated mechanical design to develop an even more effective self-ligating bracket system and has improved the unique self-ligating clip mechanism. The SmartClip SL3 Self-Ligating Appliance System now uses less force to give your patients more to smile about. With no moving latches or doors, SmartClip SL3 Self-Ligating Brackets are true self-ligating brackets.

The familiar twin design allows for selective engagement, giving the Orthodontist added control during treatment.Also, the traditional tie-wings provide easy application of auxiliaries for space closure when desired. The open slot concept was designed with patient hygiene in mind because it facilitates easy cleaning; this helps reduce problems caused by plaque build-up often associated with other ligation mechanisms.


  • Individualized treatment based on the diagnosis of each patient can be prescribed via components from the three prescriptions utilizing the Variable Prescription Orthodontics (VPO) concept.
  • Re-designed to better serve Orthodontists' needs, SmartClip SL3 Molar Brackets have small low profile tie-wings for increased treatment flexibility.
  • For the benefits of self-ligation and an aesthetic appearance, the SmartClip SL3 Appliance System is fully compatible with our Clarity SL Self-Ligating Appliance System and can be used together in treatment to meet patient requirements.
  • Clips have more room to flex, making them more forgiving to wire misalignment, thereby helping to minimize patient discomfort.


  • Smooth radius surface for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Notched tie-wings for additional bicuspid identification.
  • Low profile self-ligating bracket.
  • Torque-in-base for level slot line up and improved finishing.
  • Enhanced intelligent SL3 clip for easy wire engagement and disengagement.
  • Intelligent SL3 clip pre-programmed for release of the archwire.
  • Open, clean design for improved patient hygiene.



  3M Unitek



Packing Type

  Plastic Box

Slot Size

  .018, .022


  5×5 (004-104), 5×5 (004-121), 5×5       (004-124)


  Lower, Upper



  • Packaging - 20 Brackets per Kit (5x5)

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