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Shofu Gic Polishing Kit

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  • Shofu GIC Polishing Kit is Specially selected assortment of T&F Hybrid Points, White Stones and Polishers for finishing and polishing of Glass ionomer and Composite restorations
  • Each of the points in the kit are autoclavable and cost-effective
  • Recommended average speed:
    T&F Hybrid Points FG- 50,000 to 300,000 rpm
    Dura White Stones- 5,000 to 20,000 rpm
    Composite Points- 10,000 to 12,000 rpm
    Ceramiste Points- 10,000 to 12,000 rpm
  • The Kit is designed for finishing and polishing conventional glass ionomer cements, resin modified glass ionomer and compomer restorations.
  • It contains all the necessary instruments for:
  • one solution for all procedures from adjustment to polishing
    • the removal of excess material: T&F Hybrid Points, Dura-White
    • the finishing and contouring: T&F Hybrid Points, Dura-White
    • for polishing: CompoSite
    • for high gloss polishing: Ceramisté Ultra II 
  • Fine adjustment and polishing appropriate for the material involved
  • Coordinated instrument set
  • "Step-by-Step" finishing and polishing
  • Clean and fast polishing without additional polishing pastes

 Package Contents

  • T&F Hybrid Points FG - 2 pcs for contouring,
  •  Dura White Stones CA -1 each
  • CN1, FL2, RD1 & RD2 – for finishing, 
  • Composite Points CA -1 each Cup, Midi-Point & Knife – for polishing, 
  • Ceramiste Ultra II CA -1 each Cup, Midi-Point & Knife – for polishing the tooth surface 


T&F Hybrid Points FG - 2 pcs for contouring. Dura White Stones CA -1 each CN1. FL2. RD1 & RD2 – for finishing. Composite Points CA -1 each Cup. Midi-Point & Knife – for polishing. Ceramiste Ultra II CA -1 each Cup. Midi-Point & Knife – for polishing th

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