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Piscium 17 EDTA (Chelating Agent) - 20ml (pack of 2 )

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Piscium 17 EDTA (Chelating Agent) - 20ml (pack of 2 )

Description :-

Piscium 17 EDTA, thoughtfully presented in a 20ml formulation, represents a pinnacle in endodontic chelation. Meticulously crafted, this advanced chelating agent is designed to elevate root canal treatments, combining a high EDTA concentration with a convenient volume for precise and efficient application .

  1. High EDTA Concentration: Piscium 17 boasts a high concentration of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) at 17%. This elevated concentration ensures potent chelation, facilitating the thorough removal of the smear layer and inorganic debris from root canal walls.

  2. 20ml Volume: The 20ml volume strikes a balance between efficiency and economy. This carefully measured quantity allows for comprehensive irrigation during endodontic procedures, ensuring ample coverage of the root canal system while minimizing wastage.

Packaging :-

1unit 2 bottle 20ml