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neelkanth intra oral photographic mirror (set of 3)

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Description :-

Photographic Mirror for Dental Photography
With the help of digital quality recordings of the dentist can document a situation, for the treatment, the later dentures or forbefore-after comparison is important for the patient .

METALLIC MIRROR: It allows perfect image reflection during intraoral dentistry image capturing. Its round edges give comfort to the patients, the opposite side not used to reflect the image works as a handle preventing the professional hands to appear in the pictures.

Perfect image reflection• Round edges• Perfect fit in the mouth• Maximum comfort
Highlight of our product over competitors, We give the protective layer over the Stainless steel mirrors, which are double end pattern. A clinician can use one side of this surface till it gets those physical damages, and then peel of the second surface, hence the life of the product is extended to twice in comparison to compititors

Packaging :-

1 x 1 Packet of 3 Pcs. (One Set)