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gc gold label vii ep capsules

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Size: GC Gold Label VII EP Capsule Pack OF 30 Shade - Pink

GC Gold VII EP is a clinically proven glass ionomer cement formulation enhanced with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) for superior protection and remineralisation. Once applied, GC Gold VII EP forms a mechanical barrier to protect the covered and surrounding tooth surfaces and to minimise plaque accumulation. GC Gold VII EP is essential when treating higher risk patients, including those with high acid exposure, reduced saliva flow, compromised cleaning and plaque removal capability.

Advantages :-

  • Incorporation of RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) enhances protection to surrounding and adjacent dentine and enamel surfaces.
  • Enhanced biofilm resistant surface.
  • Enhanced mineral release - calcium, phosphate, strontium and fluoride.
  • Superior access and delivery through GC Elongation Tips.
  • Available in white shade and special pink shade.

Indications :-

  • Root surface protection
  • Fissure protection
  • Hypersensitivity prevention and control
  • Protection for immature enamel (erupting molars)
  • Temporary filling of endodontic access
  • Intermediate restorations


  • Shake the capsule or tap its side on a hard surface to loosen the powder.
  • To activate the capsule, push the plunger until it is flush with main body.
  • Immediately place the capsule into a metal GC Capsule Applier and click the lever once.The capsule is now activated. Note : The capsule should be activated just before mixing and used immediately.
  • Immediately remove the capsule and set it into a mixer (an amalgamator) and mix for 10 seconds at high speed (+/-4,000 RPM).
  • Immediately remove the mixed capsule from the mixer and load it into the GC Capsule Applier.
  • Make two clicks to prime the capsule then syringe.
  • Remove surface moisture but do not desiccate.
  • Extrude cement directly into preparation. Avoid air bubbles
  • Form the contour and place a matrix if required.
  • Light-cure for 20 seconds using a suitable visible light curing device (470 nm wavelength).
  • Finish under water spray using superfine diamond bur, silicone point and polishing strips.


 Pack OF 30 Capsules