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Dentsply Zelgan Plus - 450 GMS

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Alginate impression material is an elastic, irreversible impression material which is used to take the impression of both dentulous and edentulous dental arches. It is made from seaweed and is made with components like sodium alginate, calcium sulphate and other ingredients. Alginate material is available in power form which turns into gel when mixed with water and further converts into elastic material on manipulation.


  • Dental impressions for fabrication of study models
  • Models of the opposing dentition
  • Working models for manufacturing of orthodontic appliances, removable prosthesis, and temporary restorations


  • It is easy to mix and manipulate. 
  • Minimum requirement of equipment.
  • Low Cost.
  • Comfortable to patients.
  • Accuracy is there if properly handled.
  • It gives a good surface detail even in the presence of saliva.
  • It is Hygenic.
  • Easily available.
  • Have pleasant taste and odor.
  • Dentsply Zelgan plus is a dust-free irreversible hydrocolloid alginate impression material that can be used to make perfect preliminary dental impressions with excellent reproducibility of the anatomical features of the dental arches.
  •  The Dentsply Zelgan plus dust-free alginate impression material is in compliance with the ISO 1563 and EN 21563.
  •  Special formulation of the powder eliminates dust during mixing.
  •  This aids the clinician to make dental impressions of higher quality. To enhance the adhesion of the impression of the tray, alginate tray adhesive materials may be used.
  •  Warning – Zelgan plus may cause allergic reactions in patients sensitized to spearmint oil or other components of the material. In such cases, the use of Zelgan plus is contraindicated.


Dentsply Zelgan Plus -450gm

  • 1 x 450gm Zelgan plus

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