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api perio scalers kit of 8

Rs. 1,480.00

Periodontal scalers are dental instruments used in the prophylactic and periodontal care of teeth (most often human teeth), includingscaling and root planing. The working ends come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they are always narrow at the tip, so as to allow for access to narrow embrasure spaces between teeth.

  • Scalers have scraping edges on both sides of their blades thereby get easily fit to mesial and distal surfaces of the tooth.
  • Scalers give best result when their working end is angled slightly toward the surface of the tooth.
  • Hand Scalers set is used to remove large bulky supragingival deposits of plaque or calcified material.
  • scalers are Very effective for interproximal areas.
  • There Shank angulation provides accessibility to all anterior and premolar surfaces.
  • scalers are manufactured Using a superior heat treatment process, enhanced finishing process and an optimized steel.
  • These are Super-thin, have contra-angle design.
  • Double-ended & have easy-grip handle.
  • Sickle scaler is most commonly used for root planing and scaling procedures such as removing calculus above and below the gum line.
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Made of high quality Stainless steel.
  • Hollow Handles - Less Fatique
  • Serrated Handles - Better Grip
  • High Durability - Resist breakage of Tip
  • Tip Design
  • Sharp Tip - Better Results
  • Angulated - Easy Removal
  • Use
  • Perfect instrument for supragingival scaling in cases of gingivitis
  • Strokes
  • Use in Pull Stroke for easy removal of plaque & calculus
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Rust free - Passivated
  • Disinfection
  • Rust free - Passivated

Instrument Name:Hand Scalers
Type:Dental Scaler instrument
Material:Stainless Steel
Disposable / Reusable:Reusable
Sterile / Non-Sterile:Non - Sterile
Latex / Latex - free:Latex Free

Set of 8 Perio Scalers:

  • 1 x Towener Jacket Scaler #15/30
  • 1 x Intradental Scaler #1235/2-3
  • 1 x Surface Scaler #1235/5-6
  • 1 x Cummine Scaler #152
  • 1 x Posterior Jacket Scaler #204'S
  • 1 x Scaler Cow Horn D/E
  • 1 x Small Sickle Scaler #137
  • 1 x William's Probe


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